Man sues council for damaging windscreen with parking ticket

Parking ticket
An unnamed man has taken on Canterbury City Council and won – when he received £41 in compensation after complaining that a parking notice attached to his windscreen left a sticky mark.

The man somehow managed to make £16 profit after he was given a penalty notice for illegally parking his car. 

The driver demanded compensation after complaining to Canterbury City Council that the adhesive used to attach the notice had damaged his windscreen.

Surprisingly, Canterbury City Council paid the man compensation, despite admitting that there was nothing wrong with the way the notice had been attached.

The ticket that had been issued was originally £50, but the man was eligible for an early payment discount, dropping the fine to £25.

A council spokesman also said: "The allegation of damage to a windscreen following the issuing of a penalty charge notice was looked into fully. The claim was settled and the complainant received the payment from our insurance company.

"If we believe we are at fault, we do not make people jump through hoops, but equally if we believe the claim to be spurious, we will defend our position.

"It is inevitable, given the large amount of property and land we own and the wide range of services we provide, that there are occasional incidents where people will want to make a claim against us."


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