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The new cameras targeting tailgaters coming to a motorway near you Highways England has stepped up its efforts to curb tailgaters with the help of new roadside cameras. Technology that can detect if vehicles are travelling too close to each other is being trialled on the M1 in Northamptonshire before it's rolled out across the country. The new system has recorded 26,000 tailgating vehicles in the first two months of the trial. That's 419 drivers a day breaking the Highway Code's two-second minimum gap rule. Rather than prosecuting offenders, the police have sent warning letters in the post to reinforce the message to leave a safe distance between vehicles. Drivers can usually be fined £100 and handed three penalty points on their licence. Of the 26,000 tailgaters who received letters, 3,700 were repeat offenders. Some drivers were spotted tailgating up to 12 times on the same 150-metre stretch of road where the cameras have been instal

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