Highways Chiefs recomend white line removal

New research has led to white lines being removed from busy roads across the country.

According to new data, roads without markings are reducing the average speed of a vehicle by 13%. 

By eliminating the central white lines, which have been seen on British roads for the past 100 years, drivers are experiencing a higher a level of uncertainty which leads them to travel at a slower speed.

Three A roads in London have already experienced these changes, with recent resurfacing erasing the classic line with no plans to re-paint them.

Transport for London, which manages major roads across the capital says that the preventative measures which have already been used on parts of the A22 and A23 in South London, and the A100 in Central London may be introduced to other roads in the country.

Trial plans have already taken place in areas of Wiltshire and Derby, and now plans for a pilot scheme have been drawn up in north Norfolk


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