IAM Driving Tips

This week's tips from the IAM's director of standards, Mark Lewis, are looking at the challenges motorists face when they're unwell. With over 200 common cold viruses, the chances of us getting a cold are pretty high. Don't just ignore the symptoms and be sure to read these essential tips.

1. Driving or riding with a heavy cold will severely impact your concentration and can slow down your reaction time by up to 50 per cent – avoid making the journey if you're feeling unwell.
2. Some over-the-counter medicines contain codeine which can make you feel extremely drowsy and blur your vision – check the instructions beforehand. It's also best to check with your GP about any prescription drugs and their side-effects.
3. At 30mph you travel 13 metres every second. If you sneeze therefore that means you're travelling with your eyes closed – this could result in temporary loss of control of your vehicle.

Mark said: "We know winter driving is challenging enough as it is, so try not to add more stress to it by compromising yours and others' safety when you are ill. Taking plenty of rest away from the road is the ideal route to recovery."


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