Annual General Meeting.

Last month Kent Group of Advanced Motorists held its 2015 annual general meeting.

Chairman Linda Davies welcomed guests Mark Lewis - IAM Director of standards,  Tom Docherty - Regional Manager and Hannah Brown - IAM Examiner to this years AGM. 
Linda opened this years meeting with praise to all observers for their hard work throughout the year. Linda thanked Max Power who has recently spent time in hospital yet was still able to fore-fill a number of his duties and maintain support to The Chairman as Vice Chairman and Social Secretary. Max’s wife Val was also thanked for her support to the group as Secretary despite Max’s recent health issues.  Linda presented Val with flowers of thanks.
Linda, in her report explained that the group’s success rate had recently dropped but added that action was already in full swing to resolve this. She explain that 93 associates started,14 sadly dropped out,16 are still in training and 10 are waiting for test (as of May).  Of the 53 tests taken 43 were successful, 10 were not. Linda explained that this equates to a pass rate of 81%. Slightly lower then the national average which is currently 85%
Linda went on to report about the National Observers program. Since the introduction of the IMI qualifications the Group now has 17 National Observers who under the guidance of our Training Officers and The Observer Management Team will now play their part in our Observer training program. Linda paid tribute to all Observers and Training Officers for their efforts and dedication to the group and helping make Kent's roads a safer place. 

Our Membership at the moment stands at 668 this is made up of 587 Full members including two life members, 71 Associates, nine friends and one Honorary member.  

Linda congratulated John Bowman and Alan Billingham for passing their Masters test. The groups first two Masters and for the ten members who have achieved a F1rst. 
Linda also thanked the lecture team for their professional presentations at each Sunday sessions and a special thanks to Terry Nunn our Associate Coordinator who works tirelessly to look after at present 71 associates. Including associates from the East Kent area.
Outside events has been busy thanks to Phil Mason, Alan Rowe and Alan Billington (from the East of our region).  The team attended a number of events around the county including: Cars on the Green at Bearsted, Cats Protection League Bredhurst, Kent Classic Car shows at Woodchurch and Sandwich, Kent Police HQ Open Day and the Kent County Show were just a few our team attended. Linda thanked the team for giving up their weekends to attract new members. 
Linda also explain the success of the website and social media since the Mid Kent group became Kent Group. We are achieving around 500 visitors a month on average to our website and some 5000 visitors to our blog since October. 
Linda explained that despite Social Secretary's three months absent, Max Power left things very well organised - having organised various social evening talks from guest speakers and trips to the Dog Racing and our annual Hill Top Pre-Christmas get together.
Linda thanked Darren Bubb and Neil Oliver for their hard work with the book keeping during the merger of Mid and East Kent Groups.  Daren took the rains to present the figures to the group in an entertaining way. In summary the group is very health fund wise and Daren encourages our members that funds can be made available to any ideas that archive our charitable aims.
Linda continued with management team elections and committee member elections. All elected and seconded by members of the group in a fairly quick and effective way. The elected members can be found here 
Left to right - Richard Thomas and Alan Billington with their Chirman's award. Chairman Linda Davis, Mike Ingram with his 30 years of service certificate and John Mills with his 25 years of service certificate.

Presentations. Linda invited John Mills to collect his 25 years of service to the group and Mike Ingram for 30 years of service. Congratulations to both gentleman.
The Stan Hawkings Certificate of Merit went to Neil Oliver for his outstanding service and time dedicated to the group and the hours and help in the transition of the accounts between the two groups. Neil sadly was able to attend this evenings AGM, but Linda will present his certificate in person at The Barn in Kingston on their next meeting.

Chairman awards this year goes to two individuals for there outstanding service to the group. Richard Thomas and Alan Billington. Congratulations.

Mark Lewis the IAM Director of Standards took the stand as our guest speaker once all the formalities were complete. Marks' presentation started with an entertaining video of a formula One pit crew in the 1950’s taking 56 seconds to fuel and change two tyre's followed in comparison with today’s formula one pit crew taking 4 seconds to refuel and change four tyres. Leading to marks point about how the IAM needs to change as technology in vehicles and roads and our attitudes change. Mark explained that changes are coming and standardisation to what is being tough, and what shouldn’t be tough with groups around the country and the examiners. A positive move from the IAM that will benefit associates as a whole.


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