Investigation launched after police car collision

Police crash

Police in south Wales have launched an investigation after two of its vehicles collided on a deserted country road.

The crash occurred in Penpont, near Brecon, with a police Ford Kuga and Vauxhall van colliding head-on, on the road between Brecon and Sennybridge.

Despite the severity of the impact, the two officers on board escaped with only minor injuries, though both vehicles are likely to be written off, with damage estimated to run into thousands of pounds.

A 120-year-old Victorian post box was also destroyed in the collision, which occurred in daylight hours.

The road was closed to traffic for around 90 minutes to allow the stricken vehicles, which were blocking the road, to be removed.

Police have yet to confirm whether either of the vehicles were responding to an emergency call or speeding when the crash occurred.

A Dyfed-Powys spokeswoman said: "The circumstances are being investigated and both vehicles are non-operational."

The Daily Mail reports that the drivers of the two vehicles have not been suspended or arrested, and remain on active duty.

The Royal Mail confirmed that the destroyed post box would be replaced


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