DVLA licence website crashes on launch day

DVLA jobs risk

Moving motorists' driving records online was meant to make things simpler and easier. However, the DVLA's new licence records website has collapsed on its first day as thousands attempt to access their details.

From yesterday, the paper counterpart licence is no longer valid, with a driver's record now held online. Any company or other body requiring access to these details can do so using an online code generated on the website by the licence-holder.

The code is of particular importance to those looking to hire cars, as most companies will not accept just the card licence as full proof of ID. However, holidaymakers attempting to generate a code from the website yesterday were greeted with an error message, leaving them unable to rent a vehicle.

Although the website began to operate normally on Monday evening, a rise in demand for the service during the upcoming school summer holidays has led to fears of another crash.

Speaking to The Telegraph, AA president Edmund King said: "A lot of people will be checking the site at the same time as soon as the schools break up, as they hit the road for the ferries.

"The worry is that it may overload the site in the summer when people desperately need it."

To generate a code from the DVLA website, drivers will need their licence number, National Insurance number and the postcode to which the licence is registered. Motorists looking to rent a car abroad are currently advised to take their paper counterpart with them, as a precautionary measure.

This is not the first time the DVLA has come into trouble as it attempts to streamline its services by moving them online. In October, many motorists found their cars clamped for failing to have valid vehicle tax, following confusion and technical errors surrounding the online system after the abolition of paper tax discs.


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