'Car Share' Star Peter Kay Admits He Had 176 Driving Lessons

Peter Kay has undoubtedly created a comedy gem with his show 'Car Share', showing him at the wheel of his car, driving a colleague to and from the supermarket where they both work.

But it transpires the comedian was not, in real life, quite so confident in the driving seat, taking an astonishing - and surely expensive! - 176 lessons before he passed his test.

car share

Peter Kay with Sian Gibson on BBC comedy hit 'Car Share'

Peter said : "I was not very good at driving. It would not click. It took me six years, 176 lessons. I started when I was 16 in 1990 and passed in 1996. Best thing I ever did - but you have to persevere.

Nearly two decades later, Peter admits he's still no Lewis Hamilton behind the wheel.

"I've no sense of space. I am always bashing my car or hitting things if you go into bays or things. I just don't think I was ready when I was younger. It cost a fortune.


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