DVLA in sexism row over driving licences

Women have to choose a title on their licences, while men don't need to

DVLA in sexism row over driving licences

Two female scientists accused the DVLA of sexism for using 'Miss' or 'Mrs' on their driving licences when men's don't need a title.

Ashley Kent, 35, said she requested to have no title when she registered for a new licence, but when it arrived it said 'Mrs'.

Her colleague, Elin Roberts, also encountered the same issue. In a tweet conversation with the DVLA, she asked why she had to have the title.

She wrote: "Just received my new licence and it is wrong. I asked for no title on but it has come back with one on it. Can this be changed?"

The DVLA replied: "Hi, the purpose of the title is to allow the system to determine the male or female format of the driver number. I'm afraid it can't be removed."


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