Last Weekend Presentations

Last weekends certificate presentations by Chairman Linda Davies for passing the IAM Roadsmart course goes to David Smith, Tina Tindell, Sheila Cousins, Ian Wilson (Rear Left) and John Allison (Rear Right)

Sheila Cousins not only thanked the group and the Observers who gave up their time to see Sheila through the test but also explained to the group's new associates that the course is worth while and it has increased her observations and safety behind the wheel. 

Ian Wilson, achieved a F1rst pass. He commented on the fact that even when you pass the learning doesn't stop. Tina Tindell's family attended the presentation and Tina, in an emotional speech thanked all the Observers and her family for their support and explained that her motivation to take the course was spurred on after a traffic accident a few years back. 

Our congratulations to David, Tina, Sheila, Ian and John on passing the IAM Roadsmart test and taking some of the biggest steps to improve their own driving ability and safety.

If you want to join David, Tina, Sheila, Ian, John and many others to become better drivers, and live in the county of Kent - why not take the IAM Roadsmart challenge. Visit our website, for more details.


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