Mike Quinton is new IAM RoadSmart CEO

IAM RoadSmart has named Mike Quinton, former Chief Executive of the National House Building Council (NHBC) as its new Chief Executive Officer effective from 23 April this year.
Mike, 56, was at the helm of the NHBC for more than four years and replaces Sarah Sillars at IAM RoadSmart, the UK's largest independent road safety charity. Sarah, having reached the end of her three-year contract with the organisation is relocating with her family to a new home in Hampshire.
Mike brings with him an impressive track record of organisational leadership gained from three decades in business. After training to be an accountant with Prudential, he undertook a variety of finance roles before heading up the company's motor and home insurance business.
After steering the sale of this section of Prudential to Churchill and then RBS, he then moved on to Zurich Financial Services' European direct-to-consumer insurance operation.
The NHBC, where Mike has been most recently, is well known nationally as a non-profit distributing company with remit of helping to improve the construction quality of new homes.
Ahead of his joining IAM RoadSmart, Mike said: "I was attracted to the role by the company's social purpose. All of us can buy in to the need to improve safety on our roads and I relish the opportunity to do my bit in that regard.
He added: "I have been brought in to continue Sarah's good work, and that is what I intend to do. I will be very much in listening mode initially, and will get out and about to talk to as many people as possible, both within and outside the business.
Mike also said: "The organisation has a long and enviable track record and is clearly highly regarded and authoritative. Recent changes have re-energised and re-positioned the business and my aim is to make IAM RoadSmart a strong and sustainable organisation that is future focussed and a leader in UK road safety for many years to come".
Ken Keir, IAM RoadSmart Chairman said: "The changes made in the last three years under the remarkable stewardship of Sarah Sillars have given us the opportunity of attracting someone of the calibre and experience of Mike who is looking for evolution, not revolution in the achievement of our future plans."
Away from the business, Mike has bought a new home with his wife in Hertfordshire which they are currently renovating. He is also a cyclist and an experienced motorist.


  1. The 5 points are valid but how does one follow the teachings of Road Craft in a 20 zone. I spend my time worrying about sticking to 20 or below staring at the speedo rather than looking ahead and around for hazards. Nightmare. 30 is not so bad but I do spend more time looking at the speedo rather than the road ahead. The same is true for average speed cameras. I do have a dash mph read out which really helps, but where ever I drive now, more time is spent on looking at the speedo than in days gone by. So far at 73 the only prangs, 2, have been drivers rear ending me when stationary in traffic. I would love to read the view of our experts. I did my Advanced retest in May last year and I am still capable of handling my 460 bhp bollide.


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