IAM Roadtrip App - meet the world's worst driving family

IAM RoadSmart's brand new app called IAM Road Trip offers the chance to meet the world's worst driving family – and the opportunity to help them become safer drivers on a series of journeys designed to be both fun and factual at the same time.
The family of five animals Bull, Tortoise, Panda, Pup and Kitten - are part of the app created by the UK's biggest road safety charity to get across in a humorous way how easy it is to improve your road skills before you set foot in a vehicle.
The app takes users through a light-hearted journey and covers a variety of topics from driving around a bend, parking, managing the school run to driving with a baby on board. With a myriad of subjects covered, the app targets a wide range of drivers to help as many people as possible with practical driving tips and advice.
The app is available on Android and Apple and can be downloaded from the App store (Apple devices) or Google play store (Android devices) by searching for IAM RoadTrip. You can also see further details at https://www.iamroadsmart.com/iam-roadtrip-app
Can you help Kitten and Pup handle a trip to the supermarket without having a calamity? And avoid any parking tickets or fines? Well this is your chance to help them!
There is a chance to 'collect' road signs as you improve and see your name rise up the scoreboard against your friends!
Sarah Sillars, IAM RoadSmart Chief Executive Officer, said: "While there is no substitute for actual driving practice, our app is a fun way to get young people into the driving habit, of knowing how to react to road situations in a fun way – and of course helping our animal family not get into any silly mishaps on the way!"
Sarah added: "It's all a way of getting novices into a mindset that will give them skills for life."


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