IAM Firework Advice

Wild with fireworks

They say that Paris is a city of lights and Sydney is the city of fireworks. Well enter London from stage right, as we celebrate bonfire night on Saturday (5th). This week's tips give advice on how to stay safe driving and riding during the fireworks. Many of us will be taking to the road this week, going to light fireworks or watch them at our local parks. Here are some tips to prepare drivers and riders for the firework season from IAM RoadSmart's head of driving and riding standards Richard Gladman.

  • Dress for the weather but do not drive wearing welly boots for driving
  • Make sure you have a designated driver if you are planning on drinking
  • Try to keep the noise down. Understandably you are going to be with your mates but if you have pulled the short straw and are driving it is vital to have full concentration on the road
  • Protect your pets and never leave them in a car near a fireworks display in case they get agitated and injure themselves or damage the vehicle
  • Always travel with fireworks in a safe container in the boot removing any temptation for passengers to interfere with them when you are driving

Richard said: "Fireworks can be great fun but they can also bring out the wild side in some people.  Keep alert and watch out for unusual behaviour such as kids throwing fireworks into traffic.  A bit of planning and a lot of commons sense will go a long way to making sure your night goes with a bang and isn't just a damp squib."


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