A safer way to stop police pursuits?

A new device designed to stop fleeing vehicles has been revealed.

The Grappler Police Bumper fits to the front of the patrol vehicle, and when activated folds out a cradle of straps. 
When the police car gets close enough to the back of the fleeing vehicle, the straps wrap around one of its rear wheels, performing a 'tethered snag' and bringing it to a prompt controlled stop, attached to the police car.

The device even works on cars towing trailers and other hard-to-stop vehicles.

Thanks to its clever design, the 'snag manoeuver' prevents any skidding or loss of control in the fleeing vehicle, so can be used in traffic.

After the vehicle has been disabled, the tether can immediately be released to allow the police car to pursue another car or a criminal escaping on foot. Finally, the device can also perform a 'non-tethered snag', which brings the car to a stop, without being attached to the police car.

Designed by Stock Enterprises, the Grappler Police Bumper can also be disguised so as not to alert potential criminals to their imminent capture.


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