Police stop car towing another car with a van wedged in the boot

Car tows van towing car

Police in Gloucester were left stunned after spotting a car driver towing another car with a van strapped to the second vehicle's boot on Monday.

In typical bodge-job fashion, the man who was stopped just west of the city had only used one blue strap to link the rear two vehicles, in the vain hope that it would be sufficient to keep them together.

To make the van a little lighter and easier to tow, the front wheels, doors and engine were all removed before being wedged into the boot of the second car for the risky journey.

The man was eventually stopped by the police who did not arrest him but warned him that he could be summonsed for motoring offences.

Car stopped for unsafe towing

Gloucester police officers took to Twitter to post pictures of the bizarre set up and express their disbelief. The force tweeted: "The van was quite literally strapped to the car. Driver reported for dangerous condition. No lights 2."

The images posted on Twitter show that the middle car and van were linked by solely the flimsy strap, which was simply looped around the car's rear pillars at one end and the van's foot well at the other, with the car's hatchback left open to accommodate the front of the van.

Just to top things off, there were no lights on the car-van train, which would have made the convoy even more dangerous as the evening wore on and the light faded.


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