DVLA set to make millions from premium rate phone line

UK driving licence replacement costs

The DVLA is set to raise millions of pounds through premium rate telephone lines, following the scrapping of the counterpart paper driving licence on June 08.

After that date, care hire companies, garages and anyone else needing to check a driver's details will need to ring a new premium rate phone number operated by the DVLA, provided the driver in question hasn't shared their details online.

Licence holders themselves will be forced to use a new online code system, which requires them to supply their national insurance number, postcode and driving licence number, whenever they need to share their licence record with a third party.

Motoring Research reports that around 10,000 test drives and courtesy car loans take place each day in the UK – something which could dramatically increase revenue for the DVLA, with each phone call costing 51p per minute. The number of calls received annually is expected to rise from 2.5 million to 10 million.

The scrapping of the counterpart driving licence follows the abolition of the in-car tax disc, as the DVLA restructures its services. Drivers are urged to ensure their vehicles are taxed, particularly if they have recently purchased it, to avoid the possibility of having their car clamped.

Do you think abolishing the counterpart driving licence is a good idea?


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