Women gets parking ticket after council moves her car onto double yellow lines

Council moves car onto double yellow lines then issues fine

The geniuses working for Manchester Council demonstrated some award-winning decision-making last week, when they moved a legally-parked car onto double yellow lines - and then slapped it with a parking ticket.

Clair Morris had parked her Mazda MX perfectly legally near her home in West Didsbury, but when the council wanted to paint brand new double yellow lines along that side of the road, they just picked her car up and moved it to the other side. The tiny flaw in their plan was to move it onto double yellow lines on the other side of the road - so she was promptly slapped with a parking ticket.

33-year-old Clair tweeted a photo of her car and the ticket, adding that it was 'Off the scale" and suggesting: "I'm going to paint some lines under your building and stick a ticket on you. SEE HOW YOU LIKE IT."

BBC News reported that when they were made aware of their mistake a council spokesman said: "The car should not have been moved to a location with double yellow lines, and this ticket should not have been issued and will be cancelled. Our contractors apologise for this error and we are now insisting that they follow our strict codes of conduct."


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