Lockdown Activity For Driver Improvement

With the current Lockdown extended in the UK, making headway on driver improvements are almost impossible. Yet there is still things the budding driver who wishes to improve there driving skills can do.

Covid-19 has without doubt has given the world a challenge. Many will be working at home, dealing with home schooling or just trying to keep boredom at bay. Offices are closed, many firms have told their staff to stay at home and many people are either self isolating or taking the government advice and really are staying at home.

Here the the Kent Group of Advanced Motorists, like all the groups around the UK, we have suspended all current IAM Roadsmart sessions. We are not sure when we'll be up and running again, but rest assure, we'll be back - doing what we are good at.

All our current associates are in the middle of the IAM Roadsmart Course and are in some what of a limbo about when we can resume. I myself, an Observer for the group have been furthering my skills in the driving department. I have taken the next stage to the Advanced Course and National Observer and have taken the IAM Masters Course. It's tough finessing the skills I learnt when I took the IAM Skill for Life course some years back. However, I have only completed three sessions - so like our current associates, I've been left with the uncertin knowledge of when I'll be back behind the wheel on the next Masters sessions.

So it got me thinking. What can I and our associates do before the next session? What can be done so the skills already learnt are not forgotten? What can be done to continue increasing driving knowledge?

I’ve complied 5 things that you could do while at home during the lockdown period.

  1. Read through the Highway Code - Keep upto date with any changes and rules of the road.
  2. Read through 'Know Your Signs' book - Worth a browse to refresh your knowledge.
  3. Read the Course Handbook / Roadcraft - Our associates will have been given the IAM Roadsmart Course Handbook. Worth reading that while we are off work. If you can, why not read Roadcraft. It might be the handbook for the Masters course, but the IAM Roadsmart is based on Roadcraft.
  4. Watch our course videos - We have the four course videos online. Worth a watch in my view.
  5. Watch Reg Local on YouTube - A good source of knowledge and practical video examples.

For some, the lockdown has presented people with some time to do creative things that they have never done before or complete tasks at home and catch up with those 'Hunny Do' Lists. But it could be a perfect opputunty to brush up on the theory side of driving. It will place those who are in the middle of the course with better knowledge and for those who have not joined the group, it may just light the fire to become a better driver, now and once we are over the Covid-19 situation.

I for one will be getting the books out and reading through some chapters while I'm off work.

Stay safe.

Graham Aylard-Poxon is an Advanced Driver, a National Observer and the Website and Social Media Co-Ordinator for the Kent Group of Advanced Motorists.

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