IAM skills day dates just announced

The 2020 schedule for IAM RoadSmart's ever-popular Skills Days has been announced. They are the perfect way to sharpen up driving or riding skills in your own car or motorbike at top circuits around the UK.
The Skills Days, run by the UK's biggest independent road safety charity, take place from April to September at Croft, Mallory Park and Thruxton circuits – all of which are steeped in motorsport history.
Skills Days are open to anyone with a full car licence or motorcycle licence, and any road-legal car or motorbike. You do not have to be an IAM RoadSmart member to take part.
Working either one-to-one in a car, or in a very small group on motorcycles with a dedicated instructor, Skills Days are an enjoyable and informative day out where drivers and riders can sharpen their skills and learn more about the capability of their vehicle.
Expect to learn about your own capabilities and that of your machine; entry, apex and exit points, how they vary from road to circuit; where to brake, when and how much to brake, how it feels in an emergency; controlled, progressive, smooth cornering; how to use the accelerator or throttle to add stability to the car or motorcycle when cornering.
There are three days for drivers: two at Thruxton Motorsport Centre in Andover on Monday 20 April and Monday 24 August and a third at Croft Circuit, Dalton-on-Tees, Darlington on Tuesday 9 June.
There are a total of 15 motorcycle Skills Days at Thruxton, Croft Circuit and Mallory Park Racing Circuit, Kirkby. There is also a dedicated women's motorcycle skills day, taking place at Thruxton on 20 July.
The full schedule is:
Tuesday 21 April
Tuesday 28 April
Tuesday 19 May
Wednesday 27 May
Monday 15 June
Tuesday 14 July
Monday 20 July (ladies' day)
Tuesday 25 August
Monday 7 September
Tuesday 8 September
Monday 21 September
Mallory Park
Tuesday 12 May
Tuesday 23 June
Tuesday 29 September
Wednesday 10 June
Mike Quinton, IAM RoadSmart Chief Executive Officer, said: "Skills Days are all about advancing the ability of drivers, riders and their machines, guided by experts in a safe controlled environment.
"We will help you unlock the secrets of getting the best from your car or bike, how to handle your machine to the best of its capabilities, without risking yourself or people around you.  Safe driving can also be fun driving and our Skills Days are the key to that."
Motorcycle days are £149 per rider (full day).  Car days are £135 per driver (half day).
For more information visit our dedicated web page on Skills day here: https://www.iamroadsmart.com/skillsday or call our booking hotline on 0300 303 1134.
To watch our motorbike Skills Day video click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dAIhjde-S-A. For the car Skills Day video click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfXoWBQbAvM


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