IAM RoadSmart has the Valentine's gift that lasts a lifetime

Don't buy a chainsaw for Valentine's Day – IAM RoadSmart has the gift that lasts a lifetime at a romantic price
A chainsaw, toilet cistern lid and hoover – an online survey by IAM RoadSmart has found these are genuine Valentine's Day gifts people have received recently! But never fear, the road safety charity has something better for you this year.
Rather than race around your local petrol station in a blind panic the night before, how about giving your loved one a gift that keeps on giving this Valentine's Day – and will keep them safe on the roads?
IAM RoadSmart's online survey found that 22% of those who responded said they had received a truly terrible gift on the most romantic day of the year – and our examples were named as the worst!
However IAM RoadSmart is offering its acclaimed driving modules for just £29 from today (7 February) through to the big day itself (14 February), down from the usual price of £49.
So instead of some wilted petrol-station roses, sour chocolates with yucky fillings or a tedious domestic electrical item, why not buy your loved one a gift that will keep them safe on the roads, give them skills that will last a lifetime, and maybe even safe a life one day?
The IAM RoadSmart modules cover seven important areas that customers have identified as being ones they want help with:
  • Driving in towns
  • Managing distractions
  • Motorway driving
  • Managing speed
  • Driving on country roads
  • Overtaking
  • Parking and manoeuvring
The IAM RoadSmart offer is open for any of these modules.
They are all between 60-90 minutes long, take place in your own vehicle, and carried out one-to-one by an expert assessor in roads that are familiar to you. You will get a written report at the end, highlighting all positive points plus any areas identified as needing more attention. There is no pass or fail.
For more information about our modules click here: www.iamroadsmart.com/on-road.
To take advantage of our offer, simply phone into IAM RoadSmart's Support line on 0300 303 1134 from 8.30am when the phones open, between 7-14 February inclusive (excluding Sunday). You can use the redemption code 'love driving'.
Mike Quinton, IAM RoadSmart Chief Executive Officer, said: "We all have received a gift for Valentine's Day that wasn't really what we wanted! What could be better than giving a gift that has a lasting benefit, and the chance to take on skills to make your loved one's driving experience more enjoyable and relaxing?
"But we would advise you to go ahead and make that dinner reservation as well too!"


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