Don’t let your commute leave you feeling defeated

Don't let your commute leave you feeling defeated

Now that half term is over, the chaos of the commute to work has resumed for some drivers. However, it doesn't have to be a hectic journey. IAM RoadSmart's head of driving and riding standards, Richard Gladman, has put together five tips which can help you have a smooth, stress-free commute to and from work.
  • Check your route. The majority of people travel to work at the same time so it's always a good idea to plan your journey. Take a look at the route you're taking to see if there are any incidents or roadworks that can cause delay. If there are, can you take another way to work?
  • Keep an eye on the road. Driving on a busy road can be intense. One minute you're driving smoothly and the next you're having to stop and start. It's crucial that you're always on the ball and stay alert throughout your journey
  • Watch out for other road users. This links to keeping your eye on the road. Make sure you regularly check your mirrors for any motorcycles or cyclists that are passing or filtering. Busy roads can also mean your vision is limited so be sure to look out for any pedestrians crossing the road
  • Check your car on a weekly basis. Commuting to work on a daily basis can take its toll on your car. That's why you need to give it the care it needs. Make sure you check your oil and fluid levels as well as lights, tyre pressure and condition every week
  • What's the weather going to be like? Checking the weather beforehand can give you an idea of when to leave. Not only this, it can prepare you for your journey so you don't feel anxious about getting to work on time
Richard says: "Our daily commute can become the time we pay the least attention to our driving - don't let yourself become complacent. Plan it as if it was a new adventure each day and try to keep your concentration levels up. If you can vary the route it may keep you interested and the change of scenery may be enjoyable. If you can stagger your start time you may be able to avoid the worst of the traffic."


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