Do fashion and Driving go together

Have you ever thought about how your outfit can impact the way you drive? For most people, they get ready for the day, get into their car and drive to their destination without thinking about what they're wearing. Richard Gladman, head of driving and riding standards, provides some useful tips to making sure you're wearing the right gear when driving.
  • Choose the right shoes. Never go bare foot as you have to put pressure on the pedals which your shoes can do a lot easier, and we do not advise wearing flip flops or open-toed sandals as they can get caught between the pedals. Wearing a sturdy pair of trainers or shoes is the best option when driving; you can always leave your favourite shoes in the boot of your car and change into them once you arrive at your destination.
  • Do you have enough leg room? Your trousers can restrict your movement. For example, skinny jeans are designed to be upright and barely bend. Go for trousers that are loose enough for your legs to move around in.
  • Following on from skinny jeans – before getting into your car, think about the type of clothes you're wearing. If they're tight fitting, then this will limit your movement in your car.
  • Fashion accessories. Smart watches now have the ability to connect to your phone. So even if you've put your phone out of sight and on silent, will your watch vibrate when you receive a message or call? Either change your settings to avoid this or put this away with your phone.
Richard said: "Dressing to impress may be excellent for the meeting you are attending but consider the journey there: it may well be that a change of clothes is required at your destination to make the journey more comfortable. Your smart watch may well fall into the 'like device' definition in relation to mobile phone legislation, so don't allow it to distract."


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