Free Driver Training with IAM Roadsmart

Phone fingers at the ready … IAM RoadSmart gives away free driver training modules on 10th  day of 10th month at 10am!

10 out of 10 if you get to take advantage of IAM RoadSmart's latest free giveaway … yes the UK's biggest independent road safety charity is giving away 100 driver training modules on 10 October – and all you have to do is phone in and claim one!

IAM RoadSmart has developed seven different driving sessions based on the most common concerns identified by drivers. Anyone winning a free module can choose the one they want to try out or where they most need 1-2-1 coaching.

The modules cover the following areas:

Managing distractions

Motorway driving

Driving in towns

Driving on country roads

Managing overtaking

Parking & manoeuvring, and

Managing speed

Each session is 75 minutes long in the driver's own car and would normally cost £49. But at 10am on the 10th day of the 10th month (that's 10am on 10 October), our special phone lines will be open for 100 minutes only … and during this time only (10am to 11.40am) you can claim a free IAM RoadSmart driver module, which can be taken anywhere in the country.

To take part, first visit our IAM RoadSmart's Facebook or Twitter channels and get your unique password just ahead of 10am on 10 October (without the password, you can't claim a free session). Then call the number also listed on facebook or Twitter.

IAM RoadSmart's Facebook page is here:

Its Twitter channel is here:


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