Steve West, Penelope Irving,Area Service Manager Stuart Haythron and F1rst Pass James Sanders.

Congratulations to Steven West, Penelope Irvin and James Sanders whose recently passed their IAM Roadsmart test, with James achieving a F1rst pass. Last weekends certificate presentation was from IAM Roadsmart Region 2 Area Service Delivery Manager, Stuart Haythorn

Stuart was pleased to present the well deserved passes and chatted to Penny, Steven and James about how becoming an Advanced Motorists is one of the best things a person can do on the road today. James agreed adding that it's given him more confidence behind the wheel. For Steven it was a great step towards his next stage, with the South Coast Ambulance Service training under emergency conditions, aptly named Blue Light Training.

For Penny, she's interested in helping the group by becoming one of our future Course Leaders. Secretary Val Power wasted no time with Penny, signing her up for training as soon as she was finished posing for the picture.

Congratulations to Penny, Steven and James for passing their IAM Roadsmart Test.


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