Please don't leave animals to die in locked cars this summer!

A kind-hearted animal lover came to the aid of an overheating dog trapped in a hot car, smashing a window to give it some respite.

The lady noticed the springer spaniel sitting in a cage in the back of a tourist's Kia 4x4 that was parked in St Ives, Cornwall.

After seeing that it was panting heavily and struggling to breath she smashed the car's rear window to allow some fresh air to enter the cabin.

The dog's owner returned, and screamed when she saw police by her car. She had left the dog for an hour and a half while she ate at Pizza Express.
The lady told the Daily Mail: "There is no reason at all to leave a dog in that state. But for something as insignificant as going for a pizza is unbelievable.
She said that when the woman came back she started screaming at me saying that she'd just been to Pizza Express. By the time she got there the police were there too.

"When she came back she said "oh God, my dog it's lucky it isn't dead". I told her 'too right you are lucky it is not dead.'

"She was a holidaymaker and was really embarrassed. She claimed she'd only gone for an hour and a half. Inside the car it was estimated to be 52°C."
The kind hearted lady believed the dog wouldn't have lasted much longer in the car, and urged anyone who witnessed a similar situation to take the same course of action she did.

Devon and Cornwall Police said that under the circumstances people had the right to break into a car to free an animal they believed to be in distress.


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