EDWARD - European Day Without A Road Death

The UK's leading road safety charity IAM RoadSmart is supporting Project EDWARD, European Day Without a Road Death, tomorrow (21 September) in its goal of no deaths on European roads for the day.

Project EDWARD is the brainchild of TISPOL, the European Traffic Police Network.

It is urging all road users to take some extra time to consider their driving, riding and cycling on 21 September and beyond – and to sign the TISPOL pledge.

TISPOL is concerned that countries who have successfully pursued the EU target of a 50% reduction in road deaths since the start of the decade, have seen this trend stagnate over the past two years.

TISPOL said: "Driver behaviour remains the most important barrier to progress as we approach 2020 and its reduction targets."

It added that "speeding, drink-driving, not wearing a seat belt, using the phone while driving, using vehicles they have not kept roadworthy, parking their cars on bicycle lanes, blocking pedestrian crossings, not turning on their lights or engaging in risky manoeuvres" are just some of the ways drivers are putting other road users at risk.

IAM RoadSmart highlighted the dangers of distraction factors to drivers in its report The Battle for Attention earlier this year.

The report investigated Department or Transport figures which showed that in 2013 there were 2,995 cases where distraction in the vehicle was listed as a contributory factor, making up 3% of all accidents, and 1,627 where distraction outside the vehicle was a contributory factor, making up 1% of all accidents.

Sarah Sillars, IAM RoadSmart chief executive officer, said: "Reducing road deaths to zero, if just for one day, would be a powerful shake up to a slowdown in the decrease in the number of road deaths. European Day Without a Death is a brilliant initiative and we are keen to support it through offering practical support and advice to drivers and riders."

In support of the event IAM RoadSmart will be cutting the cost of its Advanced Driver and Rider courses. From 9.30am tomorrow morning (21 September), the first 99 callers to the organisation will be able to buy the course for just £99.  To take advantage of the offer, participants need to obtain a redemption code available only on IAM RoadSmart's Facebook or Twitter pages at 9.30am that day and call 0300 303 1134 to book. Once 99 courses have been sold, the offer will end. Usually the Advanced Driver Course sells for £149.

IAM RoadSmart's Facebook and Twitter pages can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/IAMRoadSmart and here https://twitter.com/IAMRoadSmart


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