Don't let winter car preps give you the chills

With the weather turning colder the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) is offering its best advice to making sure the cold weather doesn't catch you unaware.

Here the IAM's director of standards Mark Lewis shares his wisdom with you.

•    Ensure your lights are working and keep a spare set of bulbs handy in the car

•    Check your washer bottle is filled with screenwash and that your windscreen wiper blades are working properly; they should not leave lines or smear the screen

•    Ensure all fluids are at the correct level and have them checked by a mechanic if you are unsure

•    Check the condition of your tyres regularly – the legal minimum for car tyre tread is 1.6 mm but you should consider replacing them before that for safety

•    Always carry a winter driving kit including an ice scraper, de-icer, blanket, torch, shovel, and a fully charged mobile phone.

Mark Lewis said: "Thinking ahead is the key to winter preparation. Driving in winter brings its unique challenges, leaving earlier to allow more time for ice on both the road and your car means you won't be rushing in adverse conditions and will have more time to enjoy the drive."


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