Recent Passes.

Vice Chairman Max Power presenting Les Nithsdale with his Skill for Life certificate last Sunday

Congratulations to Les Nithsdale who recent passed his Skill for Life course back in October. Vice Chairman Max Power presented Les with his pass certificate.  Congratulations from all at The Kent Group. 

Also picking up a pass certificate is Associate Co-ordinator Terry Nunn for passing his Local Observer test. All our observers are required to re-take their observer test every five years under the new scheme and with that observers can take the National or Local Observer test to keep abreast with the latest changes and skills required to be an observer with the IAM and the Kent Group of Advanced Motorists.  

Congratulations to Terry. 

Terry Nunn being presented with his Local Observer pass certificate from Vice Chairman Max Power. 

If you live in the Kent area and wish to take up the challenge and become an Advanced Motorist, visit our website


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