Three Things You Can Do Before Jumping In The Car

Many of us have done it, we've jumped in the car, switched the engine on and driven straight off. We've then taken a look in the mirror only to find its so dirty you can't see a thing behind you. 

So how can you avoid this happening time and time again? 

Their are quite a few things we can all do before driving off. I'll point out 3 simple things we can all do without getting under the bonnet. No machical skills required.  

Leave the house 5 minutes earlier. 
This is often a difficult one for many people, specially those who like their beds in the morning. Giving yourself those extra minutes to complete the next two tasks means your'll be leaving on time and not rushing your journey.

Check tyres are inflated. 
An easy and quick one. Does it look flat? No,  job done. However it doesn't mean that should replace your weekly tyre check of correctly inflated tyres and with plenty of tread. 

Clear windows and mirrors. 
Clear view all around us is very important. Don't try and reverse out of your drive with frost still stuck on window. You simply can not see what's coming. Sounds obvious, but people do do this. If it's frosty, start the engine and get the heaters going. Clear the ice with a good ice scraper. In mild conditions keep windows clean before starting your journey. I use a simple household window cleaner and kitchen towel. Remove excess rain water in wet conditions where possible. Don’t forget to clean the mirrors too. Not forgetting the windscreen wipers also. Good tip is to use a cloth with a small amount of malt vinegar and wipe the blades - this will reduce smearing. 

By getting into the habit of completing these task before every drive to work means you will be a step safer and at the very least by able to see what's going on around you. 


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