Many drivers still in the dark about new standard grade E10 petrol being introduced

More than a quarter of drivers are yet to check whether their car is compatible with new E10 petrol that arrives at forecourts this month, with a similar proportion unaware that the new fuel is being introduced to replace E5 as the standard grade of unleaded petrol.

The findings mean drivers should be checking their vehicle's compatibility with the new blend of petrol as soon as possible via the free official online checker 

Those with incompatible vehicles – which are estimated to total around 600,000 – will have to seek out and pay for more expensive, E5 super unleaded if they wish to keep them running.

The new E10 petrol contains up to 10% bioethanol, replacing E5 which has up to 5%, and is being introduced to cut carbon dioxide emissions.

It has been estimated that the switch to E10 will cut CO2 emissions by 750,000 tonnes a year, or the equivalent of taking 350,000 vehicles off the road and is part of the Government's 2050 net zero carbon target.

However, those who fill a non-compatible vehicle with E10 petrol could find that it may cause damage to seals, plastics and metals over longer periods as a result of bioethanol's corrosive properties. 


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