Drivers admit to leaving car far away to make parking easier

Parking garage underground interior
One in four drivers admit to leaving their car further away from where they want to go if it means that parking is made easier.

The research was conducted by Young Driver, which questioned more than 1,000 people across the UK about how well they can carry out basic manoeuvres. 

28 per cent of those asked admitted to having trouble with parallel parking, with one in four saying that they often tried to avoid reversing into a bay.

A quarter of drivers admitted to parking a great distance away from their destination in order to make their parking lives easier – and find spaces that required little or no effort to get in to.

One in six drivers said that they often felt nervous when parking was on the cards – this rose to one in four for those aged between 18 and 25.

Kim Stanton, head of Young Driver, said: "When you learn to drive you are taught specific techniques to help you get your parking and reversing spot on, every time.

"But once you pass your test, skills can quickly fade. Our new research shows that before long, many drivers are actively avoiding having to try, even if it means parking a long way from their destination and walking the rest of the way to avoid certain parking spaces."

The research found that drivers in Glasgow are the worst regionally when it comes to reversing into a parking space, while motorists in Birmingham are the ones who find parallel parking the most difficult.


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