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Sunday, 20 March 2016

Test Pass

Congratulations to Stephen Giggs who passed
with a F1rst - an excellent achievement

Test Pass

Congratulations to William Linggood on passing
              the Advanced Driving Test
                   Well done William!!

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

How to cope with a motorway breakdown

This week's tips, from the IAM's director of policy and research, Neil Greig, are advising drivers on how to cope with a breakdown on the motorway. Read our essential tips to find out more.

• Ensure the coolant and washer fluids are topped up, the oil level is correct and the tyres are in good working condition – they all help the vehicle maintain the higher speeds usually experienced on motorways.
• Keep a high visibility jacket, waterproof clothing and a charged mobile phone in your vehicle – you never know when you will need these.
• If your journey is not going as smoothly as expected, stop at the nearest service station or pull over onto the hard shoulder (only in an emergency), parking as far left as possible to avoid slowing down traffic.
• Once you have pulled over, switch on your hazard warning lights so other road users are aware that you have stopped.
• Use the emergency roadside telephone when you need to call for help. The distance to the nearest phone will be marked on the white posts on the hard shoulder – the operator will know where you are if you use this phone.
• Make sure you and any passengers leave your vehicle by the left-hand side. Stay behind a barrier or up the embankment. If you feel threatened, get back in, lock the doors and call 999 for the police.

Neil said: "On smart motorways the hard shoulder is used as an extra lane. If your car develops a problem on this type of motorway then leave at the next exit, or pull into a motorway service area.

"So long as you prepare for unexpected breakdowns you can avoid the experience becoming too inconvenient and be on your way."

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

IAM welcomes new Vice-Chairman

Highly respected engineer, designer and manager Derek McMullan has been appointed Vice-Chairman of the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) with immediate effect.

This is the first appointment made by the IAM's new chairman Ken Keir OBE, who took over from the retiring chairman Alistair Cheyne OBE last November.

Derek is no stranger to the IAM, having joined the IAM Council in 2009.

His career started in the 1970's when he joined Westland Helicopters. He progressed up the ranks to become chief designer for the Lynx helicopter.

He then went into finance and strategic business management, qualifying as an accountant. Derek joined Eagle Star Insurance to run its engineering section and then worked in a variety of departments before retiring in 2008.

Derek said: "Poised for its 60th anniversary, the IAM is about to embark on its greatest challenge yet. We want to support all road users in enjoying their driving and riding more, helping them to become more confident on the road.

"To maximise our road safety influence we simply must achieve that broad appeal to the motoring public. Whilst protecting the advanced driving and riding standard, we will introduce new courses and products which appeal to those who want to focus on specific elements of their driving, without wanting to do a test.

He added: "As Vice-Chairman I will strive for unity of purpose and preservation of standards in all aspects of IAM's activity."

Sarah Sillars, IAM Chief Executive Officer, said: "We are delighted to appoint Derek our Vice-Chairman. He brings a keen understanding of the sector, as well as what's needed to take us into the future."

Away from the office, qualified pilot Derek enjoys flying light aeroplanes, helicopters and gliders. He's also a keen traveller and particularly enjoys riding mountain roads.

A Masters mentor and member of the National Training Team for Motorcycles Derek is the founding chairman of Worcestershire and Hereford Advanced Motorcyclists, where he is still active as a training team member and observer.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Test passes

Hearty Congratulations to Andrew Knatchbull and Tom Williams,
Tom seen here on the right achieved a F1rst - well done guys!