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IAM Fathers Day discount

IAM RoadSmart makes it easier to come up with that special Father's Day gift … with a £24 discount on the Advanced Driver Course!We all know it's impossible to find the ideal Father's Day gift year after year, as a cupboard of socks, dressing gowns, gardening gloves and car shampoo will testify … so how about the gift that keeps on giving – IAM RoadSmart's Advanced Driver or Rider Course?The course will give dad the perfect way to improve his driving or riding skills under the expert guidance of a qualified mentor, while also helping him enjoy his motoring or biking experience to the full.But don't leave your gift buying to the last minute as usual … the offer of £24 on the usual price of £149 only lasts until 17 June.For more information and to book click here: Sillars, IAM RoadSmart Chief Executive Officer, said: "Dads are tough to buy presents for … let's face it, we all remember frantical…

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