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5 IAM tips to sharing the road

When we're in a rush we sometimes forget about other road users around us. We teach our children to share nicely. We want them to understand the other child's point of view. How then does this apply to driving or riding? Richard Gladman, head of driving and riding standards, has put together a few top tips to remind us of how to share the road with other users. Pre-empt what another road user might do and be ready to react if necessary. For example, if a pedestrian is standing between two busy lanes of traffic you may be thinking: "You shouldn't have crossed there." Or you could be sympathetic of the fact they're stranded and allow them to cross if you can do it safely. Whatever the reason, they're vulnerable and you have the power to help them Try to see the world through the eyes of others and help them, without them even realising it. If we all did this, it might even catch on. Giving a little more space or a bit of extra time will make a difference Give …

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