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Certificate Presentation

Chairman Linda Davies presented four certificates last Sunday before our monthly Session at Grove Green.
Ann Palmer and Katharine Wood passed their IAM Roadsmart test. Ann explained to the new associates the term TUG. Not Take, Use and Give as we’ve normally explain in our course, but this time, Thank U to all the observers who Gave time to help Ann improve her skills behind the wheel.

Katherine also thanked the observers who took her out for her sessions and thanked the team behind the scenes who deal with so much admin. Katherine was delighted to pass and has already booked an experience day with the IAM.

Well done ladies 

Linda also presented some F1rst passes too. Alex Pallant and Russell Harris. Alex explained that he through he knew all about driving yet learned so much during the course. He is planning on giving back and become an Observer.

Russell also enjoyed his time completing the course and again thanked the Observer that took him out on his session

Well done gentleman fo…

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