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New motorway cameras catch 10,000 tailgaters in just two weeks

Almost 10,000 drivers were caught tailgating other vehicles during a trial of new traffic cameras on England's motorways. Police and Highways England have begun testing new cameras which can detect vehicles driving too close to the vehicle in front as part of a crackdown on the dangerous behaviour. Driving too close to other vehicles is a factor in one in eight casualties on England's motorways and A roads, and contributed to more than 130  deaths   or serious injuries in 2018. Drivers caught by the new cameras will receive a warning letter highlighting the dangers of not leaving enough braking space, but will not be prosecuted. Driving too close is a factor in one in eight of all casualties on England's trunk roads  Highways England's head of road safety Jeremy Philips said the current campaign was intended to make drivers more aware of the dangers of tailgating. He said: "these new cameras have, sadly, highlighted just how man

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