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Snowing me snowing you

Snowing me snowing you - there is something we CAN do ...IAM RoadSmart brings you expert advice on driving in snow from its head of driving and riding advice Richard Gladman.Best advice is to avoid travelling in extreme weather. If no one is moving, you just add to the problem - so listen to travel advice.If you do have to travel in bad weather, plan your journey thoroughly. Think about where you are going and what it will be like all the way along the journey. If you can, avoid travelling on less-used roads or country lanes as these are less likely to be gritted.Before setting off, clear all your windows and mirrors fully. Clear off snow piled on the roof of your car and the bonnet too, as it can fall and blow on to the windscreen. Don't leave anything obscured.Start your car gently from stationary and avoid high revs. If road conditions are extremely icy and you drive a manual car, you should move off in a higher gear rather than first gear. You sho…

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