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Petrol And Service Stations Could Be Forced To Install Electric Chargers

The government has announced a brand-new bill that could actually force petrol and service stations by law to install charging stations forelectric and hybrid vehicles.There are currently only 4,500 charging stations around the UK, the bill would enable this number to increase drastically along with the implementation of roadside charging points in areas where charging at your home is impossible. Transport Minister John Haynes said: "This bill will aid the construction of greater infrastructure to support the growing demand for automated and electric vehicles as we embrace this technology and move into the future." The bill goes on to state that every new charging point that's installed will need to be a 'smart charger' meaning that it will know the demand that's being placed on the national grid and adjust in order to maintain equal demand across the country. A German company Ubitricity has already started rolling out a trial program i…

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