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New Speeding Fines April 2017: Tougher Punishments Welcomed

The introduction of tougher punishments for the most serious speeding offences has been welcomed by motoring groups. Drivers caught at speeds excessively above legal limits face higher penalties in England andWalesfrom Monday. The Sentencing Councilsaid the move aims to ensure there is a "clear increase in fine level as the seriousness of offending increases". New speeding penalties were introduced on Monday It follows responses to a consultation arguing previous guidelines did not properly take into account the increase in potential harm that can result as speed above the limit rises. Some 244 people were killed in crashes that occurred when a driver was breaking the speed limit on Britain's roads in 2015. "The majority of drivers who keep to the correct speed, as well as driving to the conditions, won't be affected. It is only those who deliberately drive dangerously who will end up in court."

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