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When The Lights Go Out

Ten things to do when approaching broken traffic lights.  Traffic lights. Often seen as just another hazard on our roads and often seen as something that stops our progress. Or are they? Their designed to regulate traffic at the busiest of junctions, keeping traffic flowing and everyone safe. Contact between vehicles and pedestrians are reduces as each will take it in turn to use or cross the road. Some may say that some lights causes congestion, specially during peak hours. Some motorists even treat them as a challenge - speeding up to pass the lights before they go red (and not able to stop when they do go red)

But what happens when the lights go out? What happens at those busy junctions? How does one need to approach and navigate the hazard when its not clear who has right of way?

The answer is simple.  Approach with causing.  Slow down and prepare to stop. Take on extra observations all around. Even obtain eye contact with other drivers where possible. Here are xx things you nee…

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